» » Sugar Scrubs Vs. Salt Scrubs: Which Is Better For Your Dry Skin?

Sugar Scrubs Vs. Salt Scrubs: Which Is Better For Your Dry Skin?

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To Sugar Or To Salt?

So you want to give these crazy scrubs a try, but what’s better for your skin – sugar scrubs or salt scrubs? Well, the answer is everyone’s favorite: it depends. Below we’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks each one of these products has so you can decide what’s best for you and your skin right now.

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Sugar Scrubs

These scrubs make great mild exfoliators, lib scrubs, moisturizers, and much more. Sugar granules are more round than salt which leaves them less abrasive to skin. Due to that, sugar scrubs work well on your face, sensitive skin areas, and anyone who has sensitive skin in general. Sugar also dissolves faster in water than salt which is good for those looking for a milder scrub that fades away relatively quickly.

Unrefined cane sugar also has things like iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium to help replenish and treat your skin. Careful though, the unrefined cane sugar is naturally less round and more scratchy. So use carefully if you plan on using it on your face, or skip your face with these scrubs altogether.

There is no shortage of sugar scrub recepies to choose from (just take a look at our Pinterest board above)! Adding things like honey, coconut oil, essential oils, and more can help these scrubs restore your natural oil barrier while you exfoliate. If you don’t know about your skins oil barrier and why it’s important to maintain, check out our article on 5 things you can do to help your skin today.

Salt Scrubs

The salt scrubs are a good choice when you want to buff away rough, thick patches on your skin – think elbows, feet, and knees. Salt also naturally has antibacterial properties to help it kill bacteria as well as reduce inflammation. You may already know this, but if you plan on using a salt scrub, don’t bother with table salt – the refinement process removes many of the benefits.

Salt granules’ sharp angles make them a very strong exfoliant, but if you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by powerful exfoliants then a sugar scrub may be better for you. This exfoliating power is also why we don’t recommend using salt scrubs on your face. If you do choose to use them on your face, limit the number and intensity of your washes with it. The anti-inflammitory properties we mentioned earlier are great for soothing sore muscles. If you have any cuts or abrasions from exercising those muscles though, avoid using salt scrubs near them; any opening is a chance for salt to get in and give you a good sting.

Epsom salts have recently taken off as well. Although not technically salts (they’re magnesium sulfate), we’ll include them here because we’re big fans. Epsom salt products are amazing for relaxation and soothing sore muscles. Pour some into a bath or drop an epsom salt bath bomb in there to sit back and soak. PS, we have awesome bath bombs for you to try!

Pick What Works

Based on the information above, you should be able to choose what scrub works best for you right now. Still can’t decide? There’s no harm in trying them both! One is not better than the other, but there’s definitely distinct uses for each so be sure to read up and have fun using your new scrubs!