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Jade Roller


Fix Dark Circles

Let the cooling effects of natural jade help eliminate annoying dark circles! Lightly roll problem areas with our 100% natural, smoothed Jade stones and watch dark circles disappear. Our Jade rollers work great for your entire body, but we’ve specifically designed this Jade roller to have a larger stone on one end for your cheeks and forehead as well as a smaller stone on the other end for under your eyes and neck.

Our favorite tip: run your Jade Roller through some ice cold water before application. The soothing effects of jade are enhanced with the cold temperatures!


Give your face the massage it deserves! Use our Jade Roller to relax from a long day of crushing it at work or school. The smooth jade stones will leave your face feeling relaxed while putting your mind at ease.

Pro tip: add a drop of your favorite essential oil to create your own spa experience.

Reduce Wrinkles

Looking to eliminate those pesky fine lines? Our natural Jade Roller can help! Gently roll our smoothed stone over your problem areas for a fun, natural treatment.

Consistent use in your skincare routine can help reduce fine lines around your eyes, cheeks, and forehead!